Nelly - N Dey Say

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, let`s go
Ohh, N dey say, ohh, oh
Oh, ohh, yeah
Ohh, N dey say, ohh, oh
Oh, ohh
Hold up, stop ma, let me get a look at`cha
Damn girl, I ain`t seen you since prom
Come to think about it, can`t believe it`s been that long
I heard your man locked down now, how long he gone?
Oh, that long? How the hell`d he get time like that
Three strikes with posession, aw, he ain`t comin` back
He left you with two kids and bills all around
Plus you found out he had another chick `cross town
It`s always the darkest, ah-right before the sunrisin`
And you gotta stay strong, for the kids in they eyes and
And please don`t despise, and go against all brothers
And have a hatred in your heart and take it out on another
I hate to sound Tupac-ish lil` mama, but keep ya head up
But you gon` make it, I promise, you keep your head up
And that that don`t kill you only makes you stronger
And the will to succeed`ll only feed the hunger, f`real, f`real, f`real
Ohh, N dey say, ohh, oh
Oh, ohh, yeah, hey
Ohh, N dey say, ohh, oh
Oh, ohh
I was at the gas station when a man walked past
With a sign, "Will work for food, clothes or cash"
And he asked if he could pump my gas, so I let him
Clean the windshield and throw out the trash, so I let him
Hey, I even asked the brother his name
Where he was from, got kids man and what`s they ages
He kinda sturred for a second, he kinda looked surprise
That anyone would even take an interest in his life
He said, "Young brother dem the only wurrds
I done hurrd, in the last yurr
That wasn`t low or get the f*(k away from hurr"
How could somethin` so simple as general conversation
Mean much more than general conversation? Hey
You could tell life had beaten him down
Like he was in a title fight and this might be his last round
Sometimes the easiest things we take for granted
Until they gone, to realize we even had it, f`real, f`real, f`real
Ohh, N dey say, ohh, oh
Oh, ohh, yeah, hey
Ohh, N dey say, ohh, oh
Oh, ohh
I used to think that life had a plan for me
Until I realized, life meant to be planned by me
See that`s the key, I only deal with what I can see
`Cause over history, mystery brought us nuttin but misery
Man mo` people done died, in the name of the Lord
Than in any natural disaster, disease or gang war
Before guns there was swords, and they was killin` each other
Ain`t much changed since the days, we still killin` each other
Killin` our brothers while another mother cries for help
Man, we need to help a brother find himself
Feed him, life, ah one two, three
Hey, that`s somethin` e`ry brother should see, and that`s f`real
And that`s f`real, and that`s f`real
Ohh, N dey say, ohh, oh
Oh, ohh, yeah, hey
Ohh, N dey say, ohh, oh
Oh, ohh
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