Nas & Damian Marley & Lil Wayne & Joss Stone - My Generation

(Feat. Joss Stone & Lil Wayne)

My generation will make a change
This generation will make a change
My generation will make a change
This generation will make a change
My generation will make a change
This generation will make a change
[Verse 1 Nas ]
Can you blame my generation subjected gentrification
Depicting their frustrations over ill instrumentation
Cause music is the way to convey to you what Im facing
Placing my life in front of your eyes for your observation
Now if you cant relate then maybe you are too complacent
Athletes today are scared to make Muhammad Ali statements
Whats up with your motto?
Will you lead? Will you follow?
Improve your values
Education is real power
I reach em like Bono
So get rid of your self sorrow
Add some bravado
Get wealthy likes Wells Fargo
Its truth that I am you
And I am proof
Surviving through
We do what we gotta do
Yo we could break the cycle let nobody lie to you
Then maybe put our sons and our daughters in private school
Cause theres a mission we gotta finish before we leave
This generation is destined to do historic deeds.
[Verse 2 Lil wayne ]
ugh If you weather that storm
Then that rain bring sun
Been a long time comin
I know change gone come
Man I gotta keep it movin to the beat of my drum
Last night I set the future at the feet of my son
But they thinkin that my generation gotta die young
If we all come together then they cant divide one
Dont worry bout it just be about it
Got a message from god heaven too crowded
But I say hey young world youve never looked betta
And I heard change started with man in the mirror ugh
This generation
Ima represent
A generation led by a black president
Now hows that for change
Who knew that could change
I dont even look at the flag the same hah ugh
So when you finish readin revelations
Thank god for my generation
[Verse 1 Joss Stone ]
Took the choppa out had to go east side wit him
Split a nigga in two make the peace sign wit him
Play witht that pussy put the p sign in
I never thought id see a f*(kin free me sign nigga
Young carter niggas know im blood
Bad red bone sittin In my tub
I ball harder I dont need a sub
Break yo b|t(h ass off like a ticket stub
What it do I show you what it does
And everybody know real bees dont buzz
Pull up in the drive
Drop a whole bunch of bloods
And later on in life ima forget who she was
Pimpin aint easy
Naw pimpin aint weezy
Got too many bloods I could never be anemic
You know my motto is put it in the air
And I f*(k with the game like a true player
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