Jay-z & J Cole - A Star Is Born

Everyday a star is born [J. Cole]
Clap for em, clap for em, clap for em [Jay-Z]
Everyday a star is born [J. Cole]
Clap for em, clap for em, clap for em [Jay-Z]
I seen Mase do it, I seen Ye do it,
X came through, caught lighter fluid,
Still i came through it,
clap for em,
but I`m the blueprint,
I`m like the map for em,
I dropped another classic,
Made Puff pass it,
nobody could touch Puff back when Puff had it,
Wayne scorching, I`ll applaud him,
if he keep going, pass the torch to him,
50 came through like hurricanes do,
thought I`d finish his ass at summerjam too,
I had the Illmatic on bootleg,
sh-t was so ahead, thought we was all dead,
Wayne did a millie, 50 did a millie,
Ye too, but what Em did was silly,
the white boy blossomed after Dre endorsed him,
his flow on Renegade, f-cking awesome,
Applaud him,
Snoop Dogg did, Nelly came down,
The Face Mob, kept it ghetto for the H town.
Luda moved digits after he moved b-tches,
Drake`s up next, see what he do with it,
Rule had a run, couple movie parts,
T.I literally wanted to shoot up the charts,
Wat up Jeezy, wat it do,
y`all remind me of us in early 92,
Outcast landed, 3 thou was ill,
like a male version of Lauren Hill,
Mobb Deep shook it but Prodigy took it a lil too far,
can`t f-ck with Brooklyn,
Wu Tang gang bang, Meth ate,
Rae` took on the date with the Purple Tape.
Passed on to Ason (?) and then Ghostface,
they had a hell of a run,
standing Ova, ayyy,
and i am one of one,
can`t you see just how long my I`ve run,
my reign new lou sun shine
been a star since i was back in one time,
one time give it up for him,
December 4th a star was born,
Clap for him,
he went from moving that corner
to this corner office is so enormous,
Hey, Pres Carter,
Watch him get a Monica on all day,
got so many different monikers but only 1 Jay
they come they go,
some real some foe,
some friends some hoes
but no i goes nowhere this Hov,
[J. Cole]
And could i be a star,
does fame in this game have to change who you are?
could i be the same one who came from a far away life,
just to make it in this broadway lights,
now shining in the broad day light, go figure,
a slow transition from a lil broke n-gga from the Ville,
Got a deal a real life saver,
dreams of being behind the Will like Jada,
i chill now, cop a lil ice later, Cole you go the glow like a lil lightsaber,
so clap for him, then applaud Hov, he gave him the platform
flow so sick thought he wrote the rap for him,
no sir,
the flows cold as a shoulder of a gold digging hoes when a broke n-gga approaches,
told ya I`m focused man, I`ll let you muthf-ckers soak it in,
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