Melody Gardot - Baby I'm A Fool

How was I to know that this was always
Only just a little game to you?
All the time I felt you gave your heart
I thought that I would do the same for you

Tell the truth, I think I should have
Seen it coming from a mile away
When the words you say are
Baby, I`m a fool who thinks
It`s cool to fall in love

If I gave a thought to fascination
I would know it wasn`t right to care
Logic doesn`t seem to mind that
I am fascinated by your love affair

Still my heart would benefit from
A little tenderness from time to time but never mind
`Cause, baby, I`m a fool
Who thinks it`s cool to fall in love

Baby, I should hold on just a moment
And be sure it`s not for vanity
Look me in the eye and tell me
Love is never based upon insanity

Even when my heart is beating
Hurry up the moment`s fleeting
Kiss me now, don`t ask me how

`Cause, baby, I`m a fool
Who thinks it`s cool to fall
Baby, I`m a fool
Who thinks it`s cool to fall
And I would never tell if you became a fool
And fell in love
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