Scooter - J'adore Hardcore

I like the way it`s hard, I love the way it`s loud,
No one understands what the f*(k I am about.
Just step into the place, and hear what I say,
I spit with the lyric, no time for delay.
Slam rock with the jungle man to man, with the jam,
You know who I am.
When me come me coming rough, you know I`m above,
Be there.
I drop it medium rare, yeah!
J`adore Hardcore...
Doin` it together!
Sing it!
For sure I got my plan, don`t really give a damn!
On my own mission, I fight like a man.
Doin` it for myself, not for the industry!
Check `pon the rhythm, and to the M.I.C.
Slam rock with the jungle hand to hand, hummin` a bum,
`Cause I got the jam.
When me come me coming rough, I got the stuff,
Be there.
Let`s shuffle in the air, yeah!
J`adore Hardcore...
Raise your hands up to the roof...
Raise your hands up in the air...
And again!
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