Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

While I sit in here, a sentimental footsteps 
Then a voice say “hi, so ?
So what you gotta what you gotta this time. 
C`mon let`s get high 
C`mon lexxo, you got next-o?
Walk 25 miles-o?
Well I`m bored 
I`m bored. 
C`mon let`s get high. 

C`mon let`s get high. 
C`mon let`s get high. 

 I`ve found a new way 
I`ve found a new way. 
C`mon don`t amuse me; 
I don`t need your sympathy. 

Lalalalala, Ulysses 
I`ve find a new way 
I`ve find a new way, baby. 

Am I not Ulysses, Am I not Ulysses
No, but you are now, boy. 

So sinister, so sinister, 
Last night was wild. 
What`s a matter there, feeling kind of  anxious? 
Feeling that hot blood, grew cold. 

Yeah everyone, everybody knows it. 
Yeah everyone, everybody know it. 
Everybody knows I... 

Lalalalala Ulysses 
I`ll find a new way. 
I`ll find a new way, baby. 

Lalalalala Ulysses 
I`ve find a new way. 
I`ve find a new way, baby. 

Oh... Oh, then suddenly you know 
You`re never going home 
You`re never (six times) 
You`re never going home. 

Not Ulysses, baby. 
No, lalalala oohoo 
You`re not Ulysses, oohoo 
Lalalala, oohoo...
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