Donkeyboy - Sometimes

Ah, Ah Lil Boosie (Lil Boosie) Yeah

Whats up! Umm! Whats up! Umm!

Don`t forget it, it`s wicked

Don`t forget it, it`s wicked

Look, see I walk across that dirty track

At two o`clock a.m. flat

Wake up burn a murder sack

Anything that move, then murder that

Tired of go`n through pressure thug

Cause I`m less a thug

Keep it on your lap cause these days they`ll test ya thug

Look, if it ain`t that f*(kin doja or that weed man

This solja boy don`t need

Cause that caine gone shake yo breed

Think I`m lyin keep try`n

Boy that`s how it go down

Takin over the world, that`s why call me no brown

South side for down, you know that`s in my blood

Keep b|t(hin cause I`m itchin from the fleas and the flood

Hollern "Slow Yo Roll"

Shit, I want the whole

I wanna a fannie swole, so I can act a show

Nigga better ask your hoe, feelin like a mad man

Try`n slang that weed on G street, that`s a fast plan

Thinkin bout what dad sayin

"Keep it real and keep ya steel

Take yo time and teach a lil, until you reach a mill”

Got me thinkin dumb ways, got two pumps and two K`s

Two licks and two days, two fifths and new J`s

I`m thugged out

Don`t forget it, it`s wicked

Roll wit Loc so I sic it

Follow me I got the ticket

And some funk to get busy

Look, real niggaz be bout that torture

I`ll scorch ya if you play me

Niggaz be try`n to hate me

That`s why it`s off of safety

Whoever, whenever makes no differences who you be

Boy you bleed just like me, but don`t come cross CBT

Bottom boy, automatic anything that causes that static

Get you stink by us, little nigga, thuggin `n smokin angel dust

A donkey boy, leave you funky boy

Smoke everything from a lawyer to a junkie boy

Niggaz hollern bout they bout it, niggaz light as a feather

Can`t get mad at you girl cause you ain`t on my level

Don`t run behind me, when ya find me

You gone regret you missed

Cause my nerves done got pissed

And all you gone get is this (CHOP CHOP!)

It don`t stop wit solja Reebok tennis

Thug shit up in ninas, label Boosie a menace

God please forgive my sins, niggaz try`n take my ends

I`m just sit back `n watchin, f*(k the talkin I`m choppin

Where yo nigga, yo round, your f*(kin whodi, yo convict

This south side red rum shit, so don`t you be dumb b|t(h, wha

Played everything man from proleans to dope fien`s

Gettin track in my Balance, stashin dope in the alleys

Don`t forget it, it`s wicked

Roll wit Loc so I sic it

Follow me I got the ticket

And some funk to get busy

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