Flytronix - A Rosary For Rhythm

We tag our names graffiti style upon the walls in the skate park opposite our homes,
and now we know when we go pieces of us live on…

One dawn that summer holiday I rose,
looking out of my window into the skate park to see sound boys sway,
shivering like weeping willows in the wind.

Those black boys without jobs and big dreams
and it seem the speaker cable in their hands had twisted into knots
that they fingered like a rosary for rhythm. 

I saw the dj`s hands holding a pitch-black disc,
lifted from a record box, 
the vinyl`s deep furrows a circular path to a different dimension
and as he spun the tune, sounds of a digital drumbeat entered me
the metal of new music carving a crescent in the base of my thoughts,
soft shine of a harpoon glistened in my mind illuminating me internally,
sunlight flared through my room,
a wayward rocket racing through the enigma of night,
enlightening me in a blaze so bright my eyelids fluttered from shock
like a flaming phoenix`s wings startled by droplets of rain.

And as the music got louder, 
violating me till my organs played sonatas, 
piano songs of satisfaction under the wash of a mourning sun, 
I shook to the groove as the sound [break?] screamed 
like rotating wheels of a train cutting into a decaying track 
causing minute screeches of [mites?] mumbling their last messages, 
their abstract cries abandoning the crush, 
and as the record revolved, absorbing me in a sonic galaxy 
where [me can funk?] my floating body ringed around Saturn, 
shimmer joyously like flickering stars 
and I hid within the circumference of rings, 
their particles glittering in my skin, 
whilst the commanding voice showered me, 
yes, the rhythm, the [rebel?], 
yes,  the rhythm, the [rebel?], 
yes, the rhythm, the [rebel?] without a pause, 
it invaded my mind, the sound of hip hop, 
a voltage of verse through my body, 
my arms quivered like a fallen feather from a flying dove. 

I glanced out of my window at figures vibrating to the bass, 
saw the many tags of urban heroes shadowing them 
and remembered why we write our names upon the walls
so if we grow, 
when we go you`ll see a piece of us.

We write our names upon the walls
so if we grow,
when we go you`ll see a piece of us.
Hooseyfloot on behalf of Benjamin Zephaniah
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