Cheryl Cole & Will I Am - 3 Words


I met a guy at the club
I let him know what i love
I met a girl at the bar
I let her know who you are
I told her you are the love of my life
And one day your guna be my wife
And we are gonna answer neighbours together together
I told him you are the man of my dreams
You saved me from drowning in the streams
I know were really gonna last forever and ever
It was those three words to save my life
It wasn`t complicated wasn`t pre-meditated it wasn`t under-rated
Boy I`m so glad
It was those three words that saved my life
It was complicated wasn`t pre-meditated to you im dedicated
Let`s go ahead and say it
I love you I love you you are the love of my life my life
I love you I love you I love you you are the love of my life
You know your holding my heart
Ain`t nut`in tear us apart
You know im so in love with you
Can`t nothing tear us apart No
I said I L O V E Y O U
I`m so into you girl she said
Its obvious i`m so into you boy
So why don`t we hold for love
Through the ups and downs never let go
Holdin` on forever never let go
It all started with three words saved my life
It wasn`t complicated it wasn`t complicated it wasn`t complicated it wasn`t complicated.
Baby those three words that saved my life.
I love you I love you you are the love of my life my life
I love you I love you I love you you are the love of my life my life.
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