Armand Van Helden & A-trak & Duck Sauce - Anyway

What was my problem with man you ask?
No, I ask you what was man`s problem with me?
You don`t even know me
You say that I`m not living right
You don`t understand me
So why do you judge my life?
You don`t even know me
You say that I`m not living right
You don`t understand me
So why do you judge my life?
I don`t ask for nothing
I`m always holding my own
Every time I turn around, there`s something
People talking `bout what they don`t do
And when I try to move on up
They`re always pullin` me down
I`m tired and I`ve had enough
It`s my life, and i`m living it right
I always wonder why
People try to hurt me
No happiness in their own lives
So they act out all their jealousy
Who are you to say that I`m living wrong?
Always telling me what to do
I`ve decided that I gotta be strong
What makes you think that I needed you?
You don`t know me
You don`t even know me (ohh, you dont know me)
You say that I`m not livin` right (you don`t understand the way that I feel)
You don`t understand me (you can`t even see my pain)
So why do you judge my life (oohhh you don`t know)
(Chorus + Ad-Libs) (x3)
Who are you?
You say I`m not livin` right
Anything I try to do
You haven`t walked in my shoes
I`m gonna move on
It`s my life, it`s my life (x3)
(Chorus + Ad-libs) (x2)
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