Mr Oizo & Charli Xcx - Hand In The Fire

Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language:

Yeah, that`s how I like it, come on
What? I didn`t think so.
It`s just my style..It`s in the minutes about to happen
With the back of my hand I chop the top of a mountain like Jimmy, got you screaming "gimme" but you don`t even know me if I were to write a book it would be published by TateYou either love me or you leave me alone
you gotta realise you dealing with a "menstruator capone? "Just cuz` I roam don`t mean that you could sit on my throne
I`m never home alone, some say I`m out to lunch
I go commando, I keep my panties in a bunch
I`m the look out to see what trouble I can find; I can blow your mind
To smithereens, I`m like an over-stimulated teen.
For real, I`m Woody Allen on caffeine, I`m into lotions and cream
How you think I keep my complexion so clean?
I may not be the fairest, but shit maybe I am
And either way I don`t give a god damn.Boom. Five hundred pound (tonne?) gorilla
In the back streets of Manilla
Think you`re ill but I`ll be zilla (?)
Boom. Fire red 18 wheeler
Bright green, Godzilla
And a yellow armadillo
[x3]Doo. Toodoo, toodoo, toodoo.
Toodoo, toodoo, toodoo, toodoo
Toodoo, toodoo, toodoo, toodoo
Shit, goddamn, motherf*(ker, is you crazyI`m about to put my foot down and I don`t mean maybe
If you don`t want me to step on your blue suede shoes
Get the hell out, or you can sing the blues
Sometimes I like the city, sometimes I kick it rural
See my rhymes go deeper than an epidural
Yet aint nothing new under the sun
And homegirls just want to have fun
It`s Friday night and it`s time for action
You got your good shoes on, baby and I feel like dancing`
So let`s do it right now, we can talk about it later
Cuz` my mood shifts like a high-rise elevator
Sometimes I read a book, sometimes I like to cook
Sometimes I like to hang out of a fast car window with a couple of b|t(hes
A couple of brews, a horse and a duck, top speed,
Yelling "I don`t give a f*(k!"Boom. Five hundred pound (tonne?) gorilla
In the back streets of Manilla
Think you`re ill but I`ll be zilla (?)
Boom. Fire red 18 wheeler
Bright green, Godzilla
And a yellow armadillo
[x3]Doo. Toodoo, toodoo, toodoo.
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