Truth Hurts & Rakim - Addictive

He breaks me down, he builds me up
He fills my cup, I like it rough
We fuss, we brawl, we rise, we fall
He comes in late but it`s okay
He do, I do, he knows the rules
He takes care of home though he`s not alone
I`m on his knee, he keeps me clean
And gives me things, he makes me scream
He`s so contagious, returns my pages
He`s got me anxious, he`s what I waited for
He keeps me guessin`, spontaneous
He`s so persuasive and I`m his lady
Oh, tonight he`s waitin` and I ain`t complainin`
I`m entertainin` my number one fan
My back is achin` from our love makin`
Oh, yes I`m takin`, ain`t no use in fakin`
My ups, my downs, my high and my lows
From head to toe he makes me glow
He hits the spot, he makes me hot
I`m all that he`s got and he`s all that I got
Thinkin` of a masterplan
You know anything you need, baby, ask your man
You was there from a half a grand
Now it`s kelos to C notes and how fast your grands
We ball like we own the world
Your only concern is you my only girl
And when we speakin` in tongues
Breathin` hard when I`m squeezin` your lungs
Keep it strong, but I gotta hit the streets when I`m done
It`s joy and pain, when you try to get ahead of the game
It`s f*(ked up but you never complain
You just pray I don`t get killed when I hit the hood
Just another hundred mill and I`m a quit for good
No more drug wars trips to jail and shootouts
Getting` loot out for lawyers and bail will get you boot out
Just me and you high off sex I`m twisted
You O G`d and you O D addicted
He`s so contagious, returns my pages
He`s got me anxious, he`s what I waited for
He keeps me guessin`, spontaneous
He`s so persuasive and I`m his lady
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