Trey Songz & T.i. - 2 Reasons

Tell the dj turn it up
Let the dj bring it back
Tell ‘em play the shit again
Tell ‘em that you like that, like that

I know it`s somebody`s birthday
Right now (right now), right now, right now, right now
Somebody`s getting drunk too
Right now (right now), right now, right now, right now

Catch me in the club like i own that b|t(h
Got her dancing like she owns that beat
Bad b|t(hes never hold back
Send me a picture where you phone at

I only came here for 2 reasons, i came for
I only came for the b|t(hes and the drinks
b|t(hes and the drinks, b|t(hes and the drinks
For the b|t(hes, c-came for the b|t(hes and the drinks
b|t(hes and the drinks, b|t(hes and the drinks
(what you came for?)
Baby get your ass up
Only came for the b|t(hes and the drinks
Baby get your ass up
That`s what i came for

See you tryna ? on the streets
Stop trippin you can`t control la freak
Ain`t nobody got a body like hers
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