Technoboy - Catfight

Ah, for f*(k`s sake, not again
Oh, the bloody noise is doing my head in
This has gotta stop now
`Cause I`m out working all day from 9 till 6
Stressed out by my bosses, arrogant pricks
When I get through the door I just wanna chill out
Roll up a joint, yeah that`s what it`s about
But the b|t(h upstairs has the music full blast
My blood pressure`s raising really fast

Every f*(king night with the same f*(king tune
All I f*(king hear is her "boom boom boom"

I work all day, you just loaf at your room
Just f*(king turn down that "boom boom boom"

Right, that`s it
I`m going up there

Hey I`m the girl from the second floor
- Holy shit, what the f*(k is going on?!
- Cool it lady, what the hell is wrong?
You`re driving me crazy with that f*(king CD
- Hey b|t(h, don`t raise your voice at me
This constant noise has got to stop now
- Oh yeah? Says who? You stuck up cow
Who`re you calling a cow? You psycho b|t(h
- Just get off my case you hysterical witch
Show some f*(king respect, I just wanna chill
- Well, get yourself some earmuffs and take a pill
I work all day, you just loaf at your room with that same f*(king track going "boom boom boom"
Every f*(king night with the same f*(king tune
All I f*(king hear is that "boom boom boom"

I`m gonna stay all day in my room
So f*(king get used to that "boom boom boom"
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