Supernatural - Rock U

Rock you tonight
Oooh...that`s by myself! 
Step up, my jått! every aspect
C`mon now!
Mom told me not to play with my thong baby
But I guess she was wrong maybe
I should stop but that`s just not my style you see
Ï can`t slow my role hard as a heart attac when I flow
Back to the force with the resevouir dogs
with their hands on the balls and the world don`t know


We`re gonna rock you tonight
Make you feel alright
Get your ass on the dance floor
(woof woof woof, let`s go)
The groove is alright
Baby, hold on tight
Get your ass on the dance floor
(woof woof woof, let`s go)
Get your ass on the dance floor
(woof woof woof, let`s go)
Get your ass on the dance floor
(woof woof woof, let`s go)
Ooh aah diddy daddy looks who come to crash
Yo party
ooo ow aw 
Now gimmie da mike and let me blow da block up
It`s out with the new, in with the old
School with the boys with the black kangol
To the land of the ballers
Sneakers players
DJ`s play the game with cross fades

CHORUS to end
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