Skepta - Hold On

[feat. Bloodline]

All my old school teachers wanna beg friends with joseph
I get doh, bread, HOVIS
Me and my paper stick together like sticha and otis
Girl better know boy better know this
Brought an R6 got chased by boy dem and got shift
Then I got a fine and 6 month driving ban so I sold it
Am on the tottenham team like lennon
Meridan walking one seven
You mandem turnt bad in 07
Can you smell that
What`s that chesse or lemon
Wrap that up like a christmas present
Pablo pass me the ting I will shoot from anywere like david beckham

You must be smoking the rocks
I open you up
When am holding the glock
I`ll take you over the top [x2]

I make paper
Diss me I will put your face in the paper
Ask skeps ask hater
They`ll tell you bossman his a bader
I carry more weight than a weighter
In my hooded stone island blazer
Don`t tell me about skeng
Cause on my gun I carry lazer
Am hard when I spray
These mans could`ntgive half what I say
If I should you what the skeng done to his head
The judge woulda gave me life that day
Can`t stop now it`s too late
Am infamous face is bait
Hold tight junior, shout out drake
One gun merdian estate

You must be smoking the rocks
I open you up
When am holding the glock
I`ll take you over the top [x2]

[Big H:]
Back to the jungle back to my roots
Tell pablo strap up the zoots
Call up the soilders, bring out the troops
Just like stryder tings in boots
Man all the handstand, jump through hoops
I don`t wanna hear about, abandon groups
18 shots that will take off Who?
Hold tight the youngers big up the youts
Can`t ask me why I look vexed
It`s not wretch, it`s not ghetts
It`s not Jay-Z or DMX
Spray out the place and ask whos nexts
Send for your armour put on your vest
That don`t might I will step in your chest
18 shots will leave man in a mess
H corparation, You Know the rest

You must be smoking the rocks
I open you up
When am holding the glock
I`ll take you over the top [x2]
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