Plan B - Stay Too Long

I know whats to come
Though I`m feeling happy now
I know when I`m drunk
Oh where`s the nerve that always lets me down
Cos I always stay too long
Long enough for something to go wrong
I`m in a brawl
cos i want to here lying now
but its not a brawl
the police are on there way right now
Cos I always stay too long
Long enough for something to go wrong

Ive got my peeps them with me shouting pull up the socks
cos we just broke the law and now we`re running from cops
I got my lip bust fighting now there`s blood on my top
And I`m still out looking for the party, somewhere to stop
Ive got my peeps them telling me they know where its at
So i pull out twenty notes and jump straight into a cab
on my way to where im going thinking
i need more jack
but its probably not the best idea that I`ve ever had

Cos I always stay too long
Long enough for something to go wrong

On the run from the law
I`m looking worse for wear
I go through a door and suddenly I find my self somewhere

But somethings bound to go wrong
If I stay to long
I know we gonna get to dawn
before they start singing my song
song song song
Oh C`mon
Oh C`mon
Oh C`mon

Ive got my peeps them with at the bargain end shots
Cos were so f*(king plastered we dont know when to stop
Ive got my girlfriend ringing me bullin me up
I know I should probably answer but I just can`t be f*(ked
I`ve got me peeps them with me and I`m having a blast
I`m feeling so f*(king good right now I want it to last
so I put my phone on silent and I refill my glass
the musics so f*(king banging feel like i wanna dance
I`m at the bar and i see this chick checking me out

From afar yea she wants my dick there ain`t no doubt
Shes got a skirt so short, liking drewl from the mouth
looking my way as if to say I`m in with a shout
so I pull a chair up right near and buy her a drink
she says cheers I say yea our glasses go clink
now I`m being brad in a cab probing this girl
Once the cab is paid we make our way up to the hotel
now I`m in the lift getting lips gobblers as well
But do I care
Do I f*(k
I`m on a roll
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