Owl City - Dreams Don't Turn To Dust

Splash down in the silver screen
Into a deep dramatic scene
I swim through the theater
Or maybe I`m just a dreamer
Like a kite in the bright midday
Wonder stole my breath away
Shy sonata for Mercury
The stars always sing so pretty

This picnic will soon depart
Real life, I`m sad to see you go
I`ll miss you with all my heart
But I`d rather be alone
`Cause I couldn`t live without
Sunsets that dazzle in the dusk
So I`ll drag the anchor up
And rest assured, `cause dreams don`t turn to dust

Dreams don`t turn to dust

I made for the countryside
And my eyes never grew so wide
Apple raspberry river blue
I don`t wanna leave without you
In the sound I gladly drowned
Into the emerald underground
I rub my eyes `cause it`s hard to see
Surrounded by all this beauty

It`s like dying to live, squinting to see
All of that distant thunder that never made sense to me
As every pearl turns muddy to rust
I`ll feather the breeze `cause dreams don`t turn to dust 
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