Nicki Minaj - I'm The Best

[Verse 1:]
It was back in `07 did a couple of tapes
Did a couple DVD`s made a couple mistakes
Didn`t know what I was doin` but I put on the cape
Now it`s which world tour should I go on today
See you told me I would lose but I one
I might cop a million Jimmy Choo`s just for fun
Caus` b|t(hes couldn`t take what was in me Australia, Sydney
Might run up in Disney out in LA with` Lindsay
Got the eye of the tiger, the Lion of Judah
Now it`s me and my time, it`s just me in my prime
Everything I tried to teach `em they gon` see it in time
Tell them b|t(hes get a stick I`m done leadin` the blind
Got two shows tonight that`s Brooklyn and Dallas
Then a private party at the Buckingham Palace
Which means I gotta fly like a movie no commercial
That`s Young Money, Cash Money yeah I`m Universal

I hope they comin` for me because the top is lonely
What the f*(k they gon` say [x2]
I`m the best b|t(h doin` it, doin` it [x2]
I`m the best, best, best, best [x2]
I`m the best

[Verse 2:]
I remember when I couldn`t buy my mother a couch
Now I`m sittin` at the closin` bought my mother a house
You could never understand why I grind like I do
Micaiah and Jelani why I grind like I do
Caus` even when my daddy was on crack I was crack
Now the whole album crack you ain`t gotta skip a track
I ain`t gotta get a plaque, I ain`t gotta get awards
I just walk up out the door all the girl will applaud
All the girls will commend as long as they understand
That I`m fighting for the girls that never thought they could win
Caus` before they could begin, you told them it was the end
But I am here to reverse the curse that they live in
Got two bones to pick I`m a only choose one
You might get addressed on the second album
Which means you can breathe `till I muthaf*(kin say so
To all my bad b|t(hes: I could see your halo

[Hook x2]

It`s ok, It`s ok
Long as you know, long as you know
Long as you muthaf*(kas know I`m the be-be-be-be-be-best
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