Nas - The Don

New York girls, them are bad over there(x4)
Nas, the Don (x8)
In a New York city (x4)
Smokin` an escubano
Guzzle my second bottle
Hope I dont catch a homo
Simultaneously making me climb higher,
Henious crimes behind me
Search but can`t find me
f*(k sadness
Had this been you, havin` this lavish
Habitual happiness at me,
You wouldn`t look backwards
You would have sex on condominium roof decks
So anyone move next 
I`ll hit you with two techs
Rockin` Roberto Cavalli no shirt,
On convertable Mazy
My Columbiana mommy ridin` beside me
Every tat` mean somethin`
Thats the word on my body
I`ll have to learn somethin` with that Mossberg shotty
My niggas is ignorant
Put lead in your pigment
Just `cause y`all was mad over the years
I was gettin` it
In 97, the six
98 the Bentley
Now it`s the Ghost Phantom
And y`all can`t stand `em, but -
Nas the Don (x8)
In a New York city (x4)
Army jacket swag
Army jacket green and black
Wit` the square top pocket that snaps
Where the gas at?
Pass that, not you
You hold crack in your ass crack
I never did that,
My socks were where my stacks were at, yo`
Yo`, I used to listen to that red alert and rap attack
I fell in love with all that poetry, I mastered that
Cuttin` school with Preme Team
The phat cat was at
Future not crystal clear yet, Baccarat
Now I`m the one thats reppin` Queens
Way beyond your wildest dreams
Bottles on bottles with sparklers,
Surround my team
That long cash gets the baddest b|t(hes out they` jeans
20 years in this game, lookin` 17
I dont lean; no codeine, promethazine
I just blow green
Pick which b|t(h to bless the king
Although he`s onto another chapter
Heavy D gave this beat to Salaam
For me to rap to.
Nas the Don (x8)
In a New York city (x4)
New York is like an island
A big Riker`s island
The cops be out wildin`, 
All I hear is sirens
It`s all about survivin`, 
Same old two steps
Try`na stay alive when
They be out robbin`
I been out rhymin`
Since born knowledge,
Like prophet Muhammad
Say the ink from a scholar
Worth more than the blood of a martyr
So I`mma,
Keep it on till I see a billion dollars
Keep your friends close 
And your enemies closer
Love model Chocha, 
Mommy pop it like she s`posed to
Eyes red shot,
Like I`m never sober
Big time smoker
Indonesia doja
Maybe means you can hold up
Before you get all wet up from my soldiers
Don shit
Under fire, I remain on some calm shit
This for every ghetto and the hood
Nas the Don and Supercat Don Dotta
Nas the Don (x8)
In a New York city (x4)
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