Lmfao - Sorry For Party Rocking

Sorry for party rocking...
I`ll be up in the party, looking for a hottie to bone
I gotta drink in my hand, and it just called buffalo 
Popping bottles in the house with models in the V.I.P
All the girls make out for the whole damn club to see
Let`s go! People always say that my music`s loud
Sorry for party rocking!
neighbors complain saying turn it down
Sorry for party rocking!
Haters don`t like, we got the spotlight
Sorry for party rocking!
When they talk shit, we just be like
Sorry for party rocking!
Baby, Baby, Baby Im awfully crazy
Off Ciroc, Off Patron, Shit, whatever`s tasty
We don`t got no manners, hanging off the rafters
Let`s go drink for drink a hundred bucks you don`t out last us
Check my style, take a good look, i`m fresh b|t(h 
In my whip with my music so loud I`m deaf b|t(h 
Getting brained out red light with people watching 
Sorry for party rocking
If you show up already tore up this is what you say
Sorry for Party Rocking
And if your blacked out with your sack out this is what you say
Sorry For Party Rocking
And if you throw up in your hoe`s cup this is what you say
Sorry for Party Rocking
And if she has a hissy fit cause your whisky dick this is what you say
Sorry For Party Rocking
Oh (x8)
I don`t give a f*(k when i`m in the club
sipping bub, really drunk and I see a fat booty
Gotta have it i`ma grab it, it`s a habit automatic like uzi
Who`s he with the sick flow 
Make a chick go crazy and flash them ta-ta`s
Redfoo, the dude, a true party rocker
I`m true to the game too, it`s called beer pong and I can`t lose
I`ve got a bunch of bad b|t(hes in the back with Ciroc on tap
And a little bit of Grey Goose oh, oh yeah were killing shit
With our money, we deal legit 
So here`s a sorry in advance, no hard feelings b|t(h
Sorry For Party Rocking
People Always say that my music`s loud
Sorry For Party Rocking
Neighbors complain saying turn it down
Sorry For Party Rocking
          Hater`s don`t like we got the spotlight
Sorry for Party Rocking
When they talk shit we just be like
Sorry For Party Rocking
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