Lloyd & Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne - Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)

[feat. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000]

Baby, something`s on my mind I gotta say it, yeah
Your pussy didn`t change, it ain`t the same girl and that`s a shame
A crying shame baby
Uh, and there you find, I knew another piece beneath that hun, damn
Uh, baby, how [?] change, it`s just a shame girl, and that`s a shame

Don`t know, tell me where that pussy go?
Don`t know, cause if you feel the same no more, that pussy, that pussy, yeah
Don`t know, girl no, why is this happening to me?
Don`t know, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

She, she used to be your really special lady
I guess she`s feeling kind of freaky lately
It`s such a shame cause now the pussy changed
She used to squeeze me, [?] tight and then so she could please me
But now now, now the pussy changed
It`s such a shame that pussy changed

Don`t know, where did your pussy go?
Don`t know, cause girl I need to know
That pussy, that pussy, that pussy now
Don`t know, I`m about to kill this b|t(h
Don`t know, she gave away all my shit
That pussy, no pussy, I miss that old pussy
Don`t know, yeah, yeah, yeah
Where did I go
Don`t know, I got a pussy with 9 lives man
Don`t know, I need to know
Don`t know, yeah, yeah, yeah
Don`t know, I miss that pussy, that pussy, that pussy,
Don`t know, don`t know
Don`t know, she gave away all my shit
Don`t know, yeah, yeah, yeah
Don`t know I miss that pussy, that pussy, that pussy,
Don`t know, f*(k that b|t(h.
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