Lil Wayne & Big Sean - My Homies Still

[lil wayne]
man, f*(k y`all with the sickest
semi automatic, no click click
we don`t feel you, like an elephant
getting, with a tick tick
little little with a thick b|t(h
and before i f*(k this b|t(h
i gotta put that patch over my third eye, slick rick
trukfit t-shirt, talk second, skeet first
boy your girl a jump off
i hope she land feet first
she give me brain, research
and i prefer reefer
but if you want some, want some
thats cool cause my homies still

yeah my homies still
my homies still
yeah my homies still
don`t make my goons go stupid
go stupid, go stupid, yeah

don`t make my goons go stupid
go stupid, go stupid, yeah

[big sean]
okay, my girls a ?
i like the ? so wet i can surf off
in the hot spot cause a nigga never chillin`
i do it for my niggas, i just do it to these b|t(hes
boy, i over grind, over shine
aint another nigga over sean
i`m gettin paid, it`s oprah time
i`m rollin` pine, i`m so divine
i`m westside, westside
dark glasses on like i`m going blind
looking like easy e
it`s just me and lil weezy wee
get off my


[lil wayne]
look, i`m eastside them haters
? muthaf*(ka going deaf
weezy f, eastside them haters not
bump with so much bass
tunechi, tunechi, tunechi
i don`t love them
got so much, you gon need another nose man
and i just play my hand
but i am not the dealer
you see i got them tear drops
i cry a nigga river
i got that trukfit t-shirt
listening to rebirth
i skate until my feet hurt
hot boy, free turk
? dessert
put your hands beneath earth
and i don`t sell drugs but if you need work
my homies still


[big sean]
whoa, okay, this here`s what i do do
got your sister dancing out the ? in a tutu
got me in control, no strings attached, thats that voodoo
she said can`t nobody do it better, i tell her, true true yep
true true, my my bro bro say these b|t(hes aint shit
i got the girl you came with and the girl she came wit`
she leaking and drippin`, whoa there i might just come slip in
and your misses gonna go missin`
if she addicted to what my dick did
boy i get it

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