La Roux - Quicksand

I`m the obsessor
Holdin` your hand
It seems you have forgotten
About your man
Alone in the darkness
My bed`s a different land
Your touch intensifies
And I`m in the quicksand
I`m in the quicksand
I`m in the quicksand
You`re the upsettor
Stroking my hand
What`s my position?
I don`t understand
Am I your possession?
Am I in demand?
Oh when you turn to me
I`m in the quicksand
I`m in the quicksand
I`m in the quicksand
You, you moved into my mind again oh
You, walking around and free oh
Oh I could let you stay
But I`m walking on broken ground again
Oh, oh when will I learn?
All you do is push me back in the dark
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