Kesha - Blow

Back door, cracked we don`t need a key
We did it for free
No b after sleaze
Drink that cooly follow my lead
Now you`re one of us
You`re coming with me

It`s time to kill the lights and
Shut the DJ down
This place ‘s about to (blow)
Tonight we`re taken over
No one`s getting out !
This place`s about to blow – oh-oh-oh !!
This place`s about to blow (x3)

Now we`re, what? Taking control
We get what we want
We do what you don`t
Dirt and glitter cover the floor
We`re pretty and sick
We`re young and we`re bored

It`s time to lose your mind
And let the crazy out
This place`s about to (blow)
Tonight we`re taking names
‘Cause we don`t mess around
This place`s about to blow –oh-oh-oh
This place`s about to blow (x3)

Go go go insane go insane
Dress some glitter
Make it rain on and let me see their hands
Let me see their hands hands
Let me let me see their hands
Go insane go insane
Dress some glitter
Make it rain on and let me see their hands
Let me see their hands hands
Let me let me see their hands

We are taking over (blow-oh-oh-oh)
Get used to it
This place`s about to blow-oh-oh-ho (x3)

(Merci à Emiri pour cettes paroles)
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