Kato & Outlandish - Desert Walk

(Feat. Outlandish)

Yeah, this is for my people yo, a mi gente
Its Outlandish
Its a new one
We cool, 2010 CPH (ok lets go)
Can I get a hand in the air?
Everybody do the desert walk all up in here,
Can I get a hand in the air?
Everybody do the desert walk all up in here,
Can I get a hand in the air?
Everybody do the desert walk up in here,
El-Moro be back for another year,
Everybody get your hands up in the air!
Waqas :
Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,
I see you craving and trembling,
One more ....time and time again,
You hear that same old thing again,
Who said music can`t move a nation?
That`s by the way forced ambition
Facebook, youtube, Myspacing,
More powerful than politicking
Fue que Fue que fue
Aqui no mandarte(?)
Aqui se tiene fe
Aqui se sabe que
Yo no visto ice
Te prendo fuego
Te quemo todo el fuego
Te riego por el suelo
Desert sky, desert fly (?)
Moro rise, Moro high,
We gon` make it rain tonight,
Desert ain`t gon` be that dry,
Walk like lions, talk like bedouins, Check my signs, leave no evidence,
Dirty, dirty east is heavy, destination Copenhagen.
Me portel pasaporte
Y te pa` que goze
Si tu me reconoce ....
Y te pa` que goze
Si vive para noche ........
Y te pa` que goze
Leventame la mano ..........
See your life (?), a piece of you and your money boo,
Yeah we leavin` all the trouble too,
All the bills, the pain, The stress, the rain,
We cool, (we are cool)
Stay tonight (stay tonight),
Black sky turns to grey,
Make a prayer and begin this day (lets go),
And you fail and complain and attain real pain (?)
We cool.
See I don`t know what you came here to do,
I came to be moved by the groove of my states in pursue,
Of a kick and a high (?),
There ain`t a life for that soul (?)
Give me back that gold oh and, let the saxophone blow.
Let the saxophone blow, (aha, lets go!)
Let the saxophone blow (a la ___ (?)),
Let the Saxophone blow (Lets go!!)
Let the saxophone blow
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