Jay-z & Kanye West - Niggas In Paris

 So I ball so hard muhf*(kas wanna fine me 
 But first niggas gotta find me 
 What`s 50 grand to a muhf*(ka like me 
 Can you please remind me? 
 This shit crazy 
 Ya`ll don`t know that don`t shit phase me 
 The Nets could go 0-82 and I look at you like this shit gravy 
 This shit weird 
 We ain`t even spose to be here 
 Since we here 
 It`s only right that we be fair 
 Psycho, I`m liable to be go Michael, 
 Take your pick 
 Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Game 6 
 Got a broke clock 
 Rolleys that don`t tick tok 
 Audemars that losing time 
 Hidden behind all these big rocks 
 I`m shocked too 
 I`m supposed to be locked up too 
 If you escaped what I`ve escaped 
 You`d be in Paris getting f*(ked up too 
 Let`s get faded 
 Le Meurice for like 6 days 
 Gold bottles, scold models 
 Spillin` Ace on my sick J`s 
 b|t(h behave 
 Just might let you meet Ye 
 Chi towns D. Rose, 
 I`m movin` the Nets to BK 
 That shit crazy (x6) 
 She said Ye can we get married at the mall? 
 I said look you need to crawl for you ball 
 Come and meet me in the bathroom stall 
 And show me why you deserve to have it all 
 That shit crazy 
 Ain`t it Jay? 
 What she order, fish filet 
 Your whip so cold, this old thing 
 Act like you`ll ever be around muhf*(kas like this again 
 Bougie girl, grab her hand 
 f*(k ol girl she don`t wanna dance 
 Excuse my French but I`m in France 
 (I`m just sayin) 
 Prince William ain`t do it right if you ask me, 
 Cause if I was him I would have married Kate & Ashley 
 What`s Gucci my nigga? 
 What`s Louie my killa? 
 What`s drugs my deala? 
 What`s that jacket, Margiela? 
 Doctors say I`m the illest 
 Cause I`m suffering from realness 
 Got my niggas in Paris 
 And they going gorillas, huh! 
 You are now watching the throne 
 Don`t let me get in my zone (x3) 
 These other niggas is lyin 
 Actin` like the summer ain`t mine 

 I got that hot b|t(h in my home 

 You know how many hot b|t(hes I own 
 Don`t let me in my zone (x4) 
 The stars is in the building 
 They hands is to the ceiling 
 I know I`m bout to kill it 
 How you know, I got that feeling 
 You are now watching the throne 
 Don`t let me into my zone (x2) 

(JZ & KW) 
 I`m definitely in my zone
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