Iyaz - Solo

I said I don`t want to part this earth
If I got to do it solo

Verse 1
See how we used to be a team
Running the streets
Ya we was living out our dream, ohh
You used to be my rider
I was your provider
Now we separated in two
Oh we was burning up the block
And everybody know when we step in the spot, ohh
See, we was like the dynamic duo
I`d never thought that you`d go back, but you did
You did

Oh baby you left and sailed away alone (Yeah, alone)
And now you got me trapped up on this island
With nowhere to get home

And I don`t wanna go, no
I don`t wanna go, go
I don`t wanna go, no
I don`t wanna go, no
I don`t want to walk this earth
If I gotta do it solo (solo)

Chorus 2
‘Cuz I was so high
And I was so low
And I don`t wanna walk around alone, so ‘lone
And I don`t want to walk this earth
If I gotta do it solo (solo, solo)

Verse 2
You asked me [pinned] onto my top line
Put us together
And you offered it the rewind
See, you give me a purpose
Now I`m getting nervous
That my heart will never sing again
Oh, when we were burning up the airways
Didn`t know I was from the Virgin Islands or the U.K.
See, we was on the way to the platinum and gold
Never thought you`d go back, but you did
Yeah, You did

Chorus 2

I don`t wanna walk S-O-L-O
I don`t wanna walk S-O-L-O
Oh nooo (Oh nooo)
I don`t wanna walk S-O-L-O
I don`t wanna walk S-O-L-O
I don`t ever wanna let your love go
I don`t wanna walk S-O-L-O

Chorus 2

(Thanks to jojo for these lyrics)
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