Ironik - Stay With Me

Brother And Sister Together Will Make It Through
Some Day A Spirit Will Take You And Guide You There
I Know You`ve Been Hurting But Ive Been Waiting To Be There For You
And Ill Be There Just Helping You Out Whenever I Can
Everybody`s Free
Listen This Ones For All The Ones Showing Love, Its Appreciated Life`s Crazy Man Listen To The Lyrics
[Chorus:]Stay With Me Don`t Fall Asleep To Soon The Angels Can Wait For A Moment
(They Can Wait For A Moment)
[Chorus:]Stay With Me Don`t Fall Asleep Too Soon The Angels Can Wait For A Moment
Listen, Listen To The Words
[Verse 1:]Don`t Cry For Me When I`m Gone No Point Of Wasted Tears Our Time Will Come One Day And I`m Just Confronting My Fears Though Its Not Really A Fear Its More Like A Destiny Some Times I Sit And Wonder Is This Life Really For Me, Coz Ive Seen, Heard, Felt, I`m Done. I Hope Ur Proud Of Where Ive Come, You`ve Seen Me Grown An Helped Me Thou, An There Is No Repaying You, I`m Here An I Feel Like Im Delaying You, Betraying You, An When I`m Gone I Hope There`s Sum1 Saving You

[Chorus:]Stay With (I`m Gonna Stay, Listen) Me Dont Fall Asleep Too Soon (I`m Gonna Try Not To) The Angels Can Wait For A Moment (They Can Wait Man, I Swear)
Stay With Me Don`t Fall Asleep Too Soon The Angels (Im Gonna Hold On) Can Wait For A Moment
[Verse 2:]I Wanna See Your Face Every Time I Come Home Coz I Cant Leave U Like This In This Cold World Alone, But, In This Live Were Livin Hu Knows When Ill Be Gone, I Don`t Wanna Leave You Wiv Wot Ifs, Now Im In For Long (To The World) There`s To Much To Prove, An Sometimes I Wonder Wot I Really Have To Lose, An Then I Really See Its Not All About Me, I Wanna Show You From This Harsh Mad Reality, Its Real.
[Chorus:](Like, Lifes Risky Sometimes, But Really, U Gotta Take Your Chances)
Stay With Me Don`t Fall Asleep Too Soon The Angels Can Wait For A Moment( Its Crazy Look)
Stay With Me Don`t Fall Asleep Too Soon The Angels Can Wait For A Moment
(Listen 2 The Words)
[Verse 2:]To The World,
Lifes A Game An We Need To Play It Correct, Do The Right Moves An Don`t Get Caught Up In Ldza Mess, Be Calm Don`t Be Stressed, Be Sure To Pass Ya Test, Stand Ur Ground An Don`t Let Others Put You To The Test (Repeat)
[Chorus:]Stay With Me Don`t Fall Asleep Too Soon The Angels Can Wait For A Moment [x3]
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