Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen

stripped to the waist. we fall into the river 
cover your eyes so you don`t know the secret
i`ve been trying to hide
we held our breath to see our names written 
on the wreck of `86 
that was the year i knew the panic was over 
since we found out, since we found out
that "anything could happen" (x7)
after the war we said we`d fight together
i guess we thought thats just what humans do
letting darkness grow 
as if we need its palette and we need it`s colour 
but now i`ve seen it through
and now i know the truth 
that "anything could happen" (x7)
baby, i`ll give you everything you need (x3)
but i dont think i need you 
i know it`s gonnnna be (x8)
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