Deadmau5 & Rob Swire - Ghosts N Stuff

(Feat. Rob Swire)

It´s been so long I´v been out of my body with you 
I feel alone feel at home feel like nothing is True 
You take me to a Place where my senses gave-way turn it round shut it down what the people say 
Climbing up coming down gonna give you some take my hand and let it come let it come let it... 
Take it back when she knows that your doing it right 
Cuz everbody else knows what their taking tonight 
But I just wanna bring it round 
We we´re gonna get there Tonight 
I´ts been so far I´ve been walking the line of my time 
Wake me up to the stars we are coming home 
I know we had a chase but were out of time 
We have sold in the cold Physical Desires 
Set me free set me out on the run lift me up to the sun to the sun to the... 
When your burning down when your burning down It´s the way that you think that I know I´ts too late 
But I just want to bring it round 
We were gonna get there Tonight 
I just want to Take You Down 
We were gonna Bring You Round 
But I just want to Bring It Round 
We were gonna get there tonight
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