Deadmau5 & Sofia Toufa - Sofi Needs A Ladder

Let`s play musical chairs, one of my favorite games
Especially now that you and I have traded place
You walk around in shoes that don`t fit for a change
There is no way for you to win this race
Criss cross and turn your shirt inside out
You like to think I can`t figure you out, but the tables have turned
What goes around comes around, you`re about to get burned
Flip the script, you`re checking in, I`m checking you out
You`re just too sweet till you get on my nerves and hurt like cavity
You left a bad taste in my mouth, my Sour Patch Kid
You and me, it`s no mystery, no magic trick
Let me hear this broken record again, just press repeat
I can be your new favorite waste of time, and you`ll be mine
All I want is your attention, it`s all the same thing
Are you in? What`s it gonna be?
Don`t roll with the punches, make it hard for me baby.
Drop you like a needle on the record, scratch my itch
Watch you walk in circles hit the beat
Drop you like a needle on the record, flip my switch
Go around in circles, hit the beat
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