Chiddy Bang - Truth

Is anybody there?
I mean I hope somebody out there can hear this right here.
Just listen.
You`re gonna drive me crazy (don`t do that).
You`re gonna drive me mad (don`t do that).
Better things are coming.
I said there`s truth in that.
Song Begins
Yo, what better things can you hear them sing?
Ain`t this like a celebration?
Swiss gears to the top we steer,
notice my acceleration.
I do it for the have not`s,
for the boy playing ball on the block.
Xaphoon told me that this was the shot,
so I stopped skipping math
but I came with a plot, plot.
I`ve prolly moved onto my next axis.
And if she calling, I don`t care about what my ex asks.
Why, cause I`m in a lab like Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Flyer than fly,
I could jump overtop of the Empire State building,
just glide.
You`re gonna drive me crazy (don`t do that).
You`re gonna drive me mad (don`t do that).
Better things are coming.
I said there`s truth in that.
Harder to fail.
You see a train, don`t be the fool that jumps on the rail.
High on the scale, if a nail girl said it.
I am well endowed like Harvard and Yale.
Ladies man, Jesse Katsopolis.
I`m getting shows booked, I be the noblest.
Superman, metropolis.
I profit off my topic hits.
Periodically, I`m in my element, phosphorus.
I`m prosperous, say we loud and too rockerish.
Pro, how long are you lockin` this?
I say until apocalypse, I got this shhh.
You`re gonna drive me crazy.
You`re gonna drive me mad.
You`ve got an angel on your shoulder.
Making elephants of the clouds.
Maybe they`ll be unhappy.
Maybe, but don`t be sad.
Better things are coming.
I said there`s truth in that.
Don`t do that.
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