Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)

This is international
Big mega radio smasher!
I`ve had the time of my life
And I`ve never felt this way before
And I swear this is true
And I owe it all to you!
Oh, I had the time of my life
And I`ve never felt this way before
And I swear this is true
And I owe it all to you!
Dirty bit!
Dirty bit!
I came up in here to rock
Light a fire, make it hot
I don`t wanna take no pictures
I just wanna take some shots!
So come on, let`s go!
Let`s lose control!
Let`s do it all night!
Until we can do it no more!
Keep on rocking to the sound
Turn it up and watch it pound
We gon` rock it to the top,
Until the roof come burnin` down
Get hot in here
The temperature
Has got these ladies
Getting freakier
I got freaky, freaky, baby
I was chilling with my ladies
I didn`t come to get boogie
I came here to get crazy!
I was born to get wild!
That`s my style!
If you didn`t know that,
Well, baby, now you know now
Cause I`m
A good time!
With you!
I`m tellin` you!
Chorus: (x1)
Dirty bit!
Dirty bit!
All these girls they like my swagger
They call me Mick Jagger
I`ve been rolling like a stoned
Jet-setter, jet-lagger
We ain`t messin` with no maggots
Messing with the baddest
Chicks in the club,
Honey, what`s up?
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who`s the baddest of them all?
It`s gotta be the apl
I`m the mack daddy, y`all
Hey, it`s better step back!
Ladies don`t load your act
I`m the party application,
Rock it just like that!
This is international
Big mega radio smasher!
Cause I`m
A good time with you, I`m telling you!
Chorus: (x4)
Dirty bit!
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