Big Sean & E-40 - I Don't Fk With You

[Hook: Big Sean]
I don`t f*(k with you
You lil stupid ass b|t(h, I ain`t f*(kin` with you
You lil, you lil dumb ass b|t(h, I ain`t f*(kin` with you
I got a million trillion things I`d rather f*(kin` do
Than to be f*(kin` with you, lil stupid ass
I don`t give a f*(k, I don`t give a f*(k
I don`t, I don`t, I don`t give a f*(k
b|t(h, I don`t give a f*(k about you, or anything that you do
Don`t give a f*(k about you, or anything that you do[Verse 1: Big Sean]
I heard you got a new man, I see you takin` a pic
Then you post it up, thinkin` that its makin` me sick
I see you calling, I be makin` it quick
Imma answer that shit like: "I don`t f*(k with you"
b|t(h I got no feelings to go
I swear I had it up to here, I got no ceilings to go
I mean for real, f*(k how you feel
f*(k your two cents if it ain`t goin` towards the bill, yeah
And everyday I wake up celebratin` shit, why?
Cause I just dodged a bullet from a crazy b|t(h
I stuck to my guns, that`s what made me rich
That`s what put me on, that`s what got me here
That`s what made me this
And everything that I do is my first name
These hoes chase bread, aw damn, she got a bird brain
Ain`t nothin` but trill in me, aw man, silly me
I just bought a crib, three stories, that b|t(h a trilogy
And you know I`m rollin` weed that`s f*(kin` up the ozone
I got a b|t(h that text me, she ain`t got no clothes on
And then another one text, then your ass next
And I`m gonna text your ass back like[Hook: Big Sean][Verse 2: E-40]
Got a million things on my mind, executive deals online
Limited amount of time, chasin` these dollar signs and you ain`t on your grind
You liable to find me up in the MGM casino in the D
f*(kin` off fetti I coulda put on property
From the Bay to the Murder Mitten, my niggas put murder missions
She choosin`, that`s her decision, free my niggas in prison
On the phone with a b|t(h who can`t do shit
For a pimp but make a nigga hella rich
Got a blunt in my dental, goin` HAM in a rental
On my way, to Sacramento, late night, Arsenio
I`m never sentimental, go hard or go homeless
Barely Harley, I`m chromeless, you might end up domeless
I bet you she into me, her cheddar, she givin` me
I`ll make a b|t(h stand outside forever like the Statue of Liberty
Rest in pimp, Pimp C, underground king of the South
I raise my Styrofoam up, and pour some drank in my mouth
Why you always coming around with bad news?
Say you want me to win, but hope I lose
Askin` if I rock with other niggas in the crew
But them niggas cool, it`s just that[Hook: Big Sean][Verse 3: Big Sean]
I got a new chick that I gotta thank God for
I got a new whip that I gotta thank the lot for
Yeah I got a lot but want a lot more
Yeah we in the buildin` but I`m tryna take it to the top floor
I swear I hear some new bullshit every day I`m wakin` up
It seems like nowadays everybody breakin` up
That shit can break you down if you lose a good girl
I guess you need a bad b|t(h to come around and make it up
I guess drama makes for the best content
Everything got a bad side, even a conscience
Now you`re drinkin` `til your unconscious
Feel me when you get a fine b|t(h
Just don`t forget to read the fine print
Life got me meditatin` like I`m in the Himalayas
Keep it G with the L lit on me like the elevator
Yeah I know that karma`s too real so I hope you doin` cool
But still stupid ass b|t(h I ain`t f*(kin` with you
Little stupid ass I ain`t f*(kin with
I ain`t f*(kin`, I ain`t I ain`t f*(kin` with you
I ain`t f*(kin` with you
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