Azealia Banks & Lazy Jay - 212

[** feat. Lazy Jay:]

[Verse 1 - Azealia Banks]
Hey, I can be the answer
I`m ready to dance when the vamp up
And when I hit that dip, get your camera
You could see I been that b|t(h since the Pamper
And that I am that young sis, the beacon
The b|t(h who wants to compete and
I could freak a ‘fit, that pump with the peep and
You know what your b|t(h become when her weave in
I just wanna sip that punch with your peeps and
Sit in that lunch if you`re treatin`
Kick it with ya b|t(h who come from Parisian
She know where I get mine from and the season
Now she wanna lick my plum in the evening
And fit that ton-tongue d-deep in
I guess that c*~t getting eaten (5x)

[Verse 2 - Azealia Banks]
I was in the 212
On the uptown A, nigga you know what`s up or don`t you?
Word to who made ya
I`m a rude b|t(h nigga, what are you made up of?
I`m a eat ya food up boo
I could bust your 8, I`ma do one too, f*(k ya gon` do?
When you do make bucks, I`ma look right nigga, bet ya do want to f*(k…
f*(k him like ya do want to cum
Your gay to get discovered in my two-one-deuce
Cock-a-licking in the water by the blue bayou
Caught the warm goo, in your doo-rag too, son?
Nigga you`re a kool-aid dude
Plus your b|t(h might lick it, wonder who let you come to one-two
With ya doo-doo crew son… f*(k are you into, huh?
Niggas better oooh-run-run
You could get shot homie, if ya do want to
Put ya guns up, tell your crew don`t front
I`m a hoodlum nigga, you know you were too once
b|t(h I`m ‘bout to blew up too
I`m the one today, I`m the new shit, boo, young Rapunzel
Who are you b|t(h, new lunch?
I`ma ruin you c*~t (4x)

[Azealia Banks Singing]
Ayo (ayo), I heard you`re riding with the same tall, tall tale
Telling them you made some (made some)
Saying you`re grinding but you ain`t going nowhere
Why procrastinate girl? (-nate girl)
You got a lot, but you just waste all of yourself
They`ll forget your name soon (name soon)
And won`t nobody be to blame but yourself, yeah

[Bridge - Azealia Banks]
What you gon` do when I appear?
W-when-when I premiere?
b|t(h the end of your lives are near
This shit been mine, mine (x2)

[Verse 3 - Azealia Banks]
b|t(h I`m in the 212
With the fifth cocked nigga, its the two-one-zoo
f*(k you gon` do, when your goon sprayed up?
Bet his b|t(h won`t get him, betcha you won`t do much
See even if you do want to bust, your b|t(h`ll get you cut and touch you crew up too
Pop, you`re playing with your butter like your boo won`t true cock
The gun to where you do eat poon hun?
I`m f*(king with your cutie-q
What`s your dick like homie, what are you into, what`s the run dude?
Where do you wake up? Tell your b|t(h keep hating, I`m the new one two huh…
See I remember you when you were
The young new face but you do like to slumber don`t you?
Now your boo up too hon...
I`m a ruin you c*~t

What you gon` do when I appear?
W-when-when I premiere?
b|t(h the end of your lives are near
This shit been mine, mine (x2)
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